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June 2008

Project meeting in Götzis (Austria)


April – May 2008

Implementation of the course „PILOT 3“. Participants are language teachers


March 2008

Project meeting in London (Great Britain)


February 2008

Training in Second Life for interested partners


November 2007 – April 2008


November 2007

Project meeting in Chester (Great Britain)


October 2007

Documentation of the results of the project work


October 2007

Beginning of the third project year


June 2007

Project meeting in Stuttgart, Germany


April – June 2007

Analysis of the evaluation data of the second pilot course


March 2007

Project meeting in A Coruña (Spain)


January – March 2007


January 2007

Project meeting in Austria (Götzis)


October – December 2006


September 2006

Project meeting in Great Britain (London)


August 2006


July 2006

Third project meeting in A Coruña, Spain


May to July 2006

Implementation of the course "PILOT 1"

Students of the first pilot course are language trainers (and later e-tridem trainers)

Course structure:

Evaluation of the pilot course: survey of the learners


January to April 2006

Development of the concept for the tutorial accompanying of the e-tridem groups


January to April 2006

Development of the pilot course, first to be tested by teachers who will be trainers in the second year, when the course is tested with learners


January to March 2006


January 2006

Second meeting in Götzis, Austria


September 2005 to January 2006


October 2005 to January 2006


October to December 2005


September 2005

Kick-off-meeting in Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart, Germany


August 2005